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March 18, 1992


Kansas University students who register to vote will find the process is much simpler than registering for classes.

The process does not involve any form of identification, not even a driver's license, said Patty Jaimes, Douglas County clerk.

"They are signing an oath stating that they are 18 years of age . . . a citizen of the United States and will have lived in their precinct and ward at least 14 days prior to an election," she said.

Students who register in Douglas County can no longer vote in their home county, Mrs. Jaimes said. The county mails cards notifying the students' former county about the changes in registration.

Students also can call the county clerk to request a registration application form, but Mrs. Jaimes stressed that the call must be made by the person wanting to register.

The clerk's office is conducting a concerted drive this year to increase student voter registration. A crew from the office held a special registration drive last week at Haskell Indian Junior College, and the League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas also plans to work on registration with the Black Men of Today, a student group at Kansas University. The league also hopes to work with the Native American Student Assn. and the Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO).

The most common places to register to vote are at the county clerk's office in the county courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts streets, or with the city clerk at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets. Registration also is available at Independence Inc., 1910 Haskell; the Eudora City Hall; the Eudora City Library; the Baldwin Ledger; and Kroeger's Country Store in Lecompton.

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