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March 13, 1992


Only the NCAA knows when to say where. Consequently, everybody who cares will be tuned in to CBS-TV stations late Sunday afternoon for the announcement of the men's basketball tournament bracket.

Until then, nobody knows.

Or do we?

If Kansas isn't designated the No. 1 seed in the Midwest Regional, it will only be because the Jayhawks stumbled badly in the Big Eight tournament a possibility, but not a probability.

Thus Kansas will most likely wind up in either Milwaukee or Dayton, this year's first- and second-round sites in the NCAA Midwest. Many people assume the No. 1 seed will go to Milwaukee. Why I don't know. Maybe because Suds City is bigger than Dayton.

OTHERS SPECULATE it'll be Dayton because Kansas athletic director Bob Frederick, an NCAA basketball committeeman, has already been assigned to Milwaukee and cannot, under the rules, remain there if the Jayhawks are assigned to Beerburgh.

I can tell you this. Kansas was the No. 1 seed in the Midwest in 1986 and the Jayhawks' first stop on the tournament trail that year was Dayton.

Surely people who followed KU to Dayton on that March weekend six years ago have their fingers crossed. . .for Milwaukee. Dayton definitely isn't the kind of city that receives a lot of repeat tourist business. Once you've seen all the Wilbur and Orville Wright sites, you've pretty much made the rounds.

Dayton claims it has more green space (translation: parks) than any city its size in America, but that distinction isn't likely to lure many visitors bearing green stuff.

NEVERTHELESS, I really like the Dayton Arena. With its narrow walkways, offices in an end zone and saddle-shaped exterior, Dayton University's facility wasn't stamped out of the same form-follows-function mold as most of today's contemporary arenas.

Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee is about as contemporary as they come. Completed in 1988 at a cost of $71 million, it's an 18,633-seat showcase that reminds me of the Charlotte Coliseum in both scope and color. Whereas the interior of the Bradley Center could pass for a Dayton park, the Charlotte Coliseum screams of trendy teal.

When in Milwaukee I'm sure the must-sees are the many breweries, although it's been my experience that once you've seen one brewery you've seen 'em all.

To tell the truth, of the eight NCAA sub-regional sites, I've been secretly hoping the Jayhawks will be ticketed for Worcester, Mass. I'd love to discover first-hand why they pronounce the name of their town Wooster. Then it will be my goal some day to go to Wooster, Ohio, and learn if they pronounce it Worcester.

MAYBE I'LL find myself in Greensboro, though. Or perhaps Cincinnati. Or Atlanta. Don't they stage NCAA tournament games in Atlanta every year? In fact, if Kansas ISN'T sent to Atlanta this year, it might be headline news.

Forget the West. Kansas hasn't been packaged in a regional west of the Rockies since 1978 when the Jayhawks were eliminated by UCLA in Eugene, Ore.

So you can forget Boise it's probably noisy and Tempe, Ariz., where it'll probably be cloudy even though the sun shines there an average of 325 days a year.

YEAH, IT'LL most likely be either Milwaukee or Dayton. That would good because that would give the Jayhawks a chance to advance to the Midwest Regional in Kemper Arena.

Unless. . .

"You never know with the NCAA," Kansas senior Alonzo Jamison said the other day. "You just don't."

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