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March 11, 1992


To the editor:

Ever notice that when we do something embarassing or that we are a little uneasy about, we all try to deflect attention in another direction? Well it seems to me our Sen. Robert Dole is doing just that.

In Sunday's Journal-World, on page 16A, is a -page article with picture telling how Sen. Dole is calling for reform in campaign laws. He is, or was, on the floor of the Senate and making a big deal of all this. At the same time, on page 9A, is a shorter article, without picture, stating that Dole appeared briefly on the Senate floor along with Sen. Jesse Helms to introduce legislation that would call for an investigation of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)!! Yes, that's right, those horrible people who bring you Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Dole and Helms think it is time to cut funding to the network.

There was one other article in the Sunday paper, on page 13A, talking about an investigation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for coverup and fraud. Since that is one of Sen. Dole's favorite hog troughs, it may be that the PBS thing is an attempt to keep attention from this investigation as well.

The question is, friends, how long are the people of Kansas going to allow this fellow Robert Dole to continue in office and to continue joining with the likes of Sen. Helms on the conservative radical fringe? Time to clean out the barn folks don't you think?

Jim McCrary,

Box 591.

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