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March 4, 1992


Students in the Lawrence school district would get an extra day off for spring break and classes would start a week before Labor Day under a 1992-93 school calendar discussed during teacher negotiations Tuesday.

The negotiating teams of the Lawrence Education Assn. and the Lawrence school board tentatively agreed to adopt the calendar.

Students in the Lawrence district traditionally receive a weeklong spring break coinciding with that of Kansas University's, which in 1993 will be March 22-26. But under the calendar discussed Tuesday, students also would be out of school March 19, the Friday before spring break.

That's because the third quarter of the school year would end the Thursday before spring break, and Lawrence teachers would use that Friday to record and report students' grades.

Under another calendar proposal, students still would have been out of school during a reporting and recording day, but that day would have come after spring break.

This year, the end of the third quarter falls two weeks after spring break.

CHERYL Chaput, a Lawrence High School math teacher and a member of the LEA negotiating team, said an advantage to ending the third quarter before spring break is that teachers won't have to worry about students getting back into the swing of school and preparing for finals after their vacation.

"The secondary teachers would view that as being a real plus," Chaput said.

Also under the proposed calendar, students would start classes Aug. 31, a week before Labor Day.

The district usually begins classes after Labor Day to avoid the late summer heat.

CAROL Abrahamson, a member of the LEA negotiating team, said classes actually wouldn't be starting that much earlier than usual. It's just that Labor Day would be falling later than usual, she said.

Another change in the calendar from this year is that there will be a school holiday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 18. The Lawrence school board established that school holiday last month.

The LEA and board teams have brought to the negotiating table about 20 or so other items from the teacher's master agreement with the district. The LEA also is requesting the consideration of 10 new articles.

The negotiating teams will begin discussing those items at their next meeting on April 23.

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