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March 4, 1992


To the editor:

How like our city's forward-looking Chamber of Commerce leadership to envision a trolley from the university to downtown the one place from which transportation to downtown now exists on a regular basis while public transportation to seek and hold jobs, to get children to day care and medical appointments and to shop downtown (and elsewhere), as well as to take full advantage of our community's cultural life is non-existent for all those and there are many who do not have access to private vehicles!

How like our city leadership to weigh soberly the benefits of a $750,000 sprinkler system for 16 soccer fields, five football fields, four baseball diamonds and miscellaneous at the affluent, southwest edge of town, when many from our low-income neighborhoods would have no access to the playing fields, when decent, safe, affordable housing for our community has long waiting lists, and when our homeless, many of whom are mentally ill, wander aimlessly our beautiful downtown waiting for the respite of a noon-hour lunch and a 9 o'clock cot at night!

Would that our visionaries' ken encompassed the needs of ALL our citizens in their proposals for a more vital Lawrence community!

Hilda Enoch,

1500 El Dorado Dr.

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