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June 13, 1992


To the editor:

I live in Pinckney Neighborhood where a quiet residential street is slated to become the site of a 115,000-volt transmission line.

On Monday night, at 7 p.m. in city hall, we will meet with KPL, our city commissioners and our neighbors from throughout the city to discuss the proposed Fifth Street project. We believe the power copany needs to take a closer look at the alternative routes we have suggested which bypass all homes.

For the past three months, we neighbors have taken a crash course in electric power, electromagnetic fields, and the many reputable studies that link power lines with cancer. We are only one of numerous communities across the country who are taking a serious look at what may be found to be a major public health hazard.

We recognize the need for electric power. We are not asking the city to say "no" to the power needs of the community. But we are asking the city and power company to say "yes" to us as citizens, as taxpayers, as productive members of society who have invested our lives and our resources in our homes.

We feel we have the right to tranquil enjoyment of our homes without fearing for our health and that of our children (whom studies have shown are most susceptible to these cancers).

We hope our city commission will give serious attention to our hopes and our concerns.

Scientists, government officials and public utilities themselves across the country are calling for more research on this issue. Until the utilities can assure us for certain that there is no risk, we believe they should follow their own literature which calls for the "prudent avoidance" of electromagnetic fields by concerned individuals.

Susan Pogany,

520 La.

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