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June 11, 1992


The city's recycling board met Wednesday afternoon to make final recommendations that will go into a written report on what they've learned about the three R's: recycling, reducing and reusing.

A member of the Recycling and Resource Conservation Advisory Board said this morning that the major focus of the recommendations, which will be forwarded to the city commission next week, is yard waste recycling.

"We're saying `Yes, yard waste doesn't belong in a landfill'," Marci Francisco, an advisory board member, said. "It's a waste of space."

The advisory board made their recommendations based on public comment, letters and a 69-page sanitation department report completed in April. The board also reviewed a pilot program in the Indian Hills neighborhood that was conducted to test the success of yard waste pickup.

Francisco said the board recommends two pickups a week, one for general refuse and one solely for yard waste, such as grass clippings and leaves.

Francisco said she expects the current sanitation charge of $8.14 for single-family residences to decrease or remain at the same level.

Francisco said the yard waste recommendation covers only the residential portion of Lawrence, but the board also wants the city to review the feasibility of recycling corrugated cardboard boxes used by local business and to handle recycling needs of businesses that aren't equipped with a baler, a machine that compacts cardboard and other recyclable materials.

To efficiently set up a cardboard recycling program would require a facility equipped with a baler to take care of all Lawrence businesss.

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