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June 11, 1992


College students won't be the only people roaming the Kansas University campus this summer.

More than 30 camps and conferences, including the Midwestern Music Camp in session this week, have reserved KU facilities for use during June and July.

"Over the course of the summer we have a little less than 10,000 guests from grade school to adult that stay anywhere from a night to 10 weeks," said Kathy Nace, KU conference coordinator.

Nearly a thousand of those guests will participate in the Midwestern Music Camp in Murphy Hall which began Sunday and runs through July 4.

The first session of the camp, catering to junior high and middle school students, will end Saturday with a concert at 11 a.m. in Crafton-Preyer Theatre in Murphy Hall.

"Every Friday night the jazz ensembles perform at 7, and each Saturday morning the orchestras, bands, and choirs get their chance at 11," said Bob Duffer, assistant director of Midwestern Music Camp.

CAMP participants from across the country begin rehearsing at 8 each morning, and practice through the afternoon in both sectionals and full ensembles. Group lessons are provided by the camp, and students can choose to pay for additional one-on-one lessons.

The camp is staffed primarily by KU faculty and area high school and junior high instructors, Duffer said, but two or three guest conductors join the staff each week to teach and conduct.

David Gorham, a composer and teacher from Owasso, Okla., was the feature conductor last week. Ken Wiley and Gary Foster, Los Angeles composers who write background music for television and film, will work with the next two groups.

"Most of the guest composers direct their own music," Duffer said. "It's a great opportunity for the students to learn the pieces exactly as the composer wrote them to be played."

THE HIGH school camp runs for two weeks and participants learn pieces for two separate concerts. The two junior high camps run for one week each, and each concludes with a concert.

"We're learning stuff we'd be learning in ninth grade when we've actually just graduated from seventh," said Sarah Chow, 13, of Prairie Village. Chow participated in the first session of the junior high camp which runs through Saturday.

Several other KU camps also were in session this week.

KU football coach Glen Mason wrapped up his football camp today. A softball camp ran Saturday through today, and tennis camps run through June 26. The third session of tennis camp and the first golf camp are both scheduled to begin with 60 students each Sunday.

THIS SUMMER KU also will host The American Drill Team, The Brady High School Drill Team, Brady Cheer and Pom camp, Universal Cheers camp, Kansas Special Olympics, The Kansas Leadership Conference, Lions Club Band and the United Presbyterian Synod.

Academic programs scheduled include two debate camps, a journalism camp, the Howard Hughes' Summer Programs, Pathways, Upward Bound, Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, and Math and Science Teachers Educating in Reservation Schools (MASTERS).

Four tennis camps, three golf camps, two pole vault camps, and a softball camp also are scheduled at KU this summer.

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