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June 11, 1992


The following people filed before the noon Wednesday deadline to run for office in Jefferson, Leavenworth and Franklin counties. Positions with more than one candidate of the same party affiliation will be on the ballot at the Aug. 4 primary election. The general election will be Nov. 3.

Jefferson County

Register of deeds: Donna Mae Ward, R-Oskaloosa, incumbent.

Sheriff: Roy Dunnaway, R-Perry, incumbent.

County attorney: Brad Lippert, R-Emporia; Philip Gordon, R-Valley Falls.

Treasurer: Carolyn Casebier, R-Oskaloosa, incumbent.

Clerk: Shirley Walbridge, R-McLouth, incumbent.

Second Commissioner District: David Lines, D-Perry; Rollin Clark, R-Meriden, incumbent; Max Becker, R-Meriden.

Third Commissioner District: Harold Foley, R-Valley Falls; James Ferrell, D-Valley Falls, incumbent.

Leavenworth County

Register of deeds: Dora "Susie" Parmer, D-Tonganoxie, incumbent; Karla Devlin, R-Easton.

Sheriff: Richard Boultinghouse, R-Leavenworth; Herb Nye, D-Leavenworth; Terry Campbell, D-Lansing, incumbent; Ed Janas, R-Leavenworth.

County attorney: Frank Kohl, D-Leavenworth, incumbent; Terri Harris, R-Leavenworth; Michael Kelly, R-Leavenworth.

Treasurer: Shirley Tate, R-Leavenworth, incumbent.

Clerk: Linda Scheer, R-Leavenworth, incumbent.

Second Commissioner District: Howard Tuttle, D-Lansing; Bobbie Flucas, D-Leavenworth; Jim Murphy, D-Leavenworth; Robert Ryan, R-Leavenworth; Louis Klemp, R-Leavenworth; Marylyn Judy, R-Leavenworth; George Berg, R-Leavenworth; George Dooner, R-Leavenworth.

Third Commissioner District: Joe Coffman, D-Tonganoxie; Richard Hayes, D-Basehor; Dean Oroke, D-Tonganoxie; John Novak, D-Basehor; Wilma Plake, D-Tonganoxie; Jerry Baker, D-Tonganoxie; Wayne Eldridge, D-Basehor; Kevin Reardon, D-McLouth, incumbent; John Sawka, R-Basehor; John Pfannenstiel, R-Basehor; Herbert Robbins, R-Tonganoxie; Albert Bodde, R-Lansing; George Sprague Jr., R-Tonganoxie; Lois Fulkerson, R-Basehor.

Franklin County

Register of deeds: Sue McCay, D-Williamsburg; Sherry Goodlow, R-Ottawa; Janet Coffman, R-Wellsville.

Sheriff: Rex Bowling, R-Ottawa.

County Attorney: Robert Bezek Jr., R-Ottawa; Lawrence Wright, R-Ottawa.

Treasurer: Juanita Lucas, R-Ottawa.

Clerk: Ray DeJulio, R-Pomona; Laura Sutton, D-Princeton, incumbent.

Second Commissioner District: Leroy Wasmund, R-Princeton, incumbent; Russell Savage, R-Ottawa; Joan Vibert, D-Ottawa.

Third Commissioner District: Gardner Hayden, R-Ottawa, incumbent; Albert Coffman, R-Ottawa.

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