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June 11, 1992


It's not panic time yet for Bob Stanclift, but rainouts are beginning to pile up on the tight city slow-pitch schedule.

"We had a dry May and now it's catching up with us," said Stanclift, the city's adult sports supervisor.

At the midway point of the slow-pitch season, 228 games have had to be rescheduled because of soggy diamonds. During all of last season, the total was around 350, Stanclift said.

"I built two rainouts into every league, but we've already passed that in the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leagues," Stanclift said.

Leagues that play on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have already had three games washed. So far, Thursday leagues have been rained out just once. Tonight's games are doubtful, however.

Curiously, leagues that play on Friday and Sunday haven't been rained out of a single date yet.

Once the built-in rainout dates are filled, Stanclift has a few post-season dates available before the fall leagues begin. Once those are full, he has no choice but to schedule make-up games on Saturdays.

"Last summer we didn't have to play any make-ups on Saturday," Stanclift said, "but I don't think we'll be able to avoid that this year."

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