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June 7, 1992


In anticipation of Flag Day, area veterans are offering advice on flag handling and encouraging everyone to fly their flags.

"Everyone should put their flag out for that particular day, at full mast," said Kevin Remick of American Legion No. 14.

Remick said he didn't worry much about people improperly handling the flag.

"Most people are pretty knowledgeable," he said. "Just handle it with respect and never let it touch the ground.

A special announcement was sent out in May by the American Legion in Topeka listing U.S. Flag Code regulations to ensure that people follow proper flag etiquette.

Whenever the national anthem plays or the flag passes by in a parade, people should stand and place their right hand over their heart, according to the American Legion notice.

For people wanting to display the flag without a staff, the American Legion said the flag should be hung vertically and suspended so that its folds fall free, as if it were staffed.

In addition, when the flag is displayed in a public meeting place, it should be placed to the speaker's right, the notice said.

Lawrence's Veterans of Foreign Wars, which will be flying 18 to 20 flags on Flag Day, next Sunday, also included a reminder about the national holiday in its monthly VFW bulletin.

"It's a way to say, `I'm proud to be an American,'" said VFW Cmdr. Mike Miller. "I look up at the American flag and remember my buddies I lost in the (Vietnam) war."

Miller recommended that everyone fold their flag military style and that they take extra precautions to not let it touch the ground. "It upsets me when I see people dragging them on the ground," he said. "Take pride in your flag."

If it rains on Flag Day, flags should not be displayed unless they are made out of an all-weather, nylon material. They also should not be displayed past sunset unless they are all-weather flags and are properly illuminated, Remick and Miller both said.

Neither the American Legion nor the VFW has planned any special ceremonies for Flag Day.

For more information on the U.S. flag and flag etiquette, the Topeka American Legion recommends contacting an American Legion post.

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