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June 3, 1992


Five members of a Lawrence school commission met Tuesday to begin writing a report to the Lawrence school board about the need for new secondary school facilities.

The Commission on Mid-Level and High School Education developed a recommendation for new secondary school facilities at its May 13 meeting. After the five-member writing committee completes the report, the entire commission will meet again to approve its wording before sending it on to the school board.

The commission's recommendation is to meet secondary school space needs by putting the following bond issue proposals before voters:

November 1992: Voters would be asked to approve construction of a fourth junior high school, renovation of Central Junior High School and renovation of Lawrence High School. The commission has acknowledged that construction of a new elementary school could appear on the ballot as well because the Elementary School Facility Task Force soon will make its recommendation to the school board.

November 1994: Voters would be asked to approve the construction of a second high school. The plan calls for ninth-graders to move from the junior high to the high school level when the second high school opens in 1997. Also in 1997, junior high schools for grades seven through nine would be converted to middle schools for grades six through eight.

VICKI WESEMAN, a member of the writing committee, said the group decided Tuesday to break the report into five sections: a preamble; an introduction detailing the commission's membership and when the group met; a statement of the commission's objectives; a summary of the commission's activities, including topics discussed and people invited to speak to the group; and the recommendation itself.

Weseman said each member of the writing committee will work on one section of the report. The members plan to meet June 12 to discuss what they've written.

The commission's vote on the recommendation was 16 in support of the proposal, four in favor of a different proposal and four abstentions. Two commission members were not present.

The commission agreed that any members casting dissenting votes could submit for inclusion in the final report their reasons for not supporting the recommendation. However, Weseman said that might not be necessary.

"WE'RE GOING to try to include everyone's viewpoints and how we finally got to the recommendation we made," Weseman said. "I think people really did agree on having middle schools and multiple high schools."

The other members of the writing committee are Jerree Catlin, chairperson, Phil McKnight, Ann Eversole and Renee Karr.

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