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June 1, 1992


A $33,800 bequest from the late Katherine Lyon Mix of Pomona, Calif., has established a scholarship fund for the benefit of Kansas University students majoring in botany, Christopher H. Haufler, botany department chairman, announced today.

The bequest has established the Arthur J. Mix Scholarship Fund at the KU Endowment Association in memory of Katherine Mix's late husband, who was a KU professor. The fund will provide scholarships to botany students with a preference for students whose studies focus on mycology, the branch of botany dealing with fungi.

"We are grateful and honored to receive this bequest to establish a scholarship fund for botany students," Haufler said. "The generosity of Mrs. Mix will increase the visibility and competitiveness of our graduate education program and enable us to stimulate and encourage excellence among our students."

Arthur Mix was a native of Clinton, N.Y., where he graduated from Hamilton College. He earned a doctoral degree from Cornell University and joined the KU faculty in 1916. He taught botany, including a course in medical mycology, at KU until his death in 1956. He was chairman of the department of botany from 1931 to 1953.

In 1949, he published his "Monograph of the Genus Taphrina," a genus of parasitic fungi commonly known as peach-leaf curl. He wrote the textbook "Mycology for Students of Bacteriology and Medicine" in 1955.

Katherine Mix graduated from Cornell University and later attended KU with the class of 1929. She also taught English at KU and Baker University. A native of Collinsville, Conn., she lived in Lawrence for more than 50 years before moving to California. She was a prolific writer and wrote many newspaper and magazine articles on 19th century literary figures.

King Haakon VII of Norway decorated Katherine Mix with the Royal Order of St. Olaf in 1951 for a series of articles she wrote about Norway's efforts during World War II. The three-part series appeared in the New Yorker magazine. She died in 1990.

The bequest has been included in Campaign Kansas, KU's fund-raising effort.

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