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July 8, 1992


Both the pro-choice and pro-life factions have scheduled events Saturday at Kansas University. Hopefully both groups will also be pro-Lawrence and make their demonstration a peaceful one.

Some of the accusations that already have been hurled are troubling. At least one local pro-life representative has raised the issue of racism in connection with the pro-choice movement. Another has said he will be surprised if the pro-choice demonstrators keep their rally out of Memorial Stadium, where pro-life advocates are scheduled to gather.

Organizers say thousands of people are expected to attend the two events, and the larger the groups, the greater the possibility of confrontation. Both sides say they want a peaceful demonstration, but experiences around the country have shown that when pro-life and pro-choice groups get together, the scene can sometimes turn ugly.

Lawrence is an intelligent, politically active community that has never shied away from hot issues or controversy. For the most part, Lawrence residents are tolerant of different opinions and willing to listen to both sides of an argument.

Certainly, both the pro-choice and pro-life groups have a right to be heard, but every effort should be made both by organizers and by local officials to ensure that Saturday's rallies will be peaceful and without incident.

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