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July 7, 1992


The Lawrence Traffic Safety Commission met but did not meet Monday night.

The TSC was scheduled to review several items on its agenda but could not act because it did not have enough members present for a quorum.

However, the lack of a quorum did not prevent about half a dozen residents from publicly voicing their concerns.

Commission Chairman Carl Thor apologized to members of the public who were present, saying the commission could take no action because only four members were present. Five members are required for a quorum.

Thor, Bill Shepard, Jim Black and Tom North waited several minutes past 7:30 p.m., when the meeting was scheduled to begin, hoping one more commission member would show up.

Charles Miller, Philip Struble and Tom Mulinazzi, whose resignation from the commission was effective Monday night, were not at the meeting.

The commission regularly has nine members, but City Engineer Terese Gorman said there are two vacancies awaiting appointments by the mayor.

THE COMMISSION was scheduled to consider whether the city should remove stop signs at an intersection where a young boy was killed while walking home from school in 1981.

John Webb, a former traffic commission member, had requested the commission review its decision to place stop signs on Kasold Drive at Eighth Street after 7-year-old Benjamin B. Bjorge was struck by a car driving south on Kasold on Nov. 30, 1981. The boy died the next day from injuries he suffered in the accident.

Despite the lack of a traffic commission quorum, the boy's father, Gary Bjorge, told commissioners they should not reconsider the installation of the stop signs more than 10 years ago.

Bjorge said the city rarely puts traffic safety devices where needed, unless someone is injured or killed at the location.

AT THE Kasold and Eighth location, he said, "my son paid for it with his life."

"You can go all over town and ask, `Who paid for this stop sign with their life, or who was crippled for life before this stop sign was installed,'" Bjorge said.

"I think we need to save this discussion (until we) can do something about it," Thor said.

The commission deferred review of the stop signs at Kasold and Eighth until October. Commissioners said more accurate traffic and pedestrian counts could be taken in the area by then.

All other business scheduled for consideration Monday was deferred until the commission's next meeting, Aug. 3.

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