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July 6, 1992


Local officials say the bark of the storm that blew through Lawrence this weekend was a lot worse than its bite.

Except for a house under construction near 27th and Harper that reportedly had several of its walls toppled in the storm, the local damage caused by high winds, heavy rain and hail was relatively minor, officials said.

Rain began falling around 4:45 p.m. Saturday and continued throughout the evening. The Kansas University Weather Service reported a total rainfall of 0.64 of an inch from Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

LARRY BROCK, division superintendent at KPL Gas Service, which provides electric service to the city, said the storm caused several scattered outages that affected about 145 people in Lawrence and its surrounding rural areas. He said most customers' power wasn't out for more than 1 hours.

Brock said power line problems usually are the result of trees blowing into fuses.

Felled branches and scattered leaves made up most of the storm damage in city parks and public areas.

"I think we were fortunate in that we didn't have any major problems," said Fred DeVictor, city parks and recreation director. "There are some limbs down that we're picking up, but that's about the extent of it," he said.

Tom Wilkerson, assistant director for the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department, agreed that damage to trees within the city was relatively minor.

"THERE WERE quite a few tree limbs down, but there were no big trees," Wilkerson said. "Everything was pretty much contained along Massachusetts, Kentucky and Tennessee streets near the center of town."

Wilkerson said crews with the department's forestry division would be working to clean up the felled limbs today.

Officials at Clinton State Park reported some broken tree limbs and lost camper awnings but no major damage or injuries.

"Considering the way it snuck up on the lake and with its ferocity, we came through it very well," said Jerry Schecher, manager of Clinton State Park.

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