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January 29, 1992


Beginning with the 1992 fall semester, Kansas University students will pay their fees by mail.

"Fee payment by mail offers significant advantages to students," said Del Shankel, executive vice chancellor for the Lawrence campus. "They need not stand in lines to pay fees in person, and they can return to campus later in August and in January."

For the university, the mail-in fee system provides more time to manage class sizes and numbers and to determine actual enrollments, another advantage for students.

"We have been working toward the mail-in process for several years," Shankel said. "A large committee of representatives from student affairs, educational services, comptroller's office, student financial aid and academic affairs has worked to put this program together."

The committee stressed that the pay-by-mail system will entail many procedural and policy changes that will affect KU students, faculty and staff and the operation of many offices and departments. The Lawrence community also will be affected because many students will return to the area later each semester than in previous years.

ALL undergraduate and graduate students who participate in the main 1992 fall enrollment during the spring semester will be able to pay fees under the mail-in plan. When they complete enrollment in April, students will receive class schedules and estimates of their fees.

For the system to work smoothly, students also must give the university registrar's office their summer address and should apply for student financial aid as early as possible during the spring semester.

In mid-July, students will receive a fee statement at their summer address. Students will then mail the fee payment to the university by a specified date during the first week in August. Students may pay fees with credit cards.

If students do not meet the August deadline, their enrollment will be canceled. New and transfer students who complete enrollment in a summer orientation session will have a mail-in fee payment plan similar to the one for currently enrolled students.

STUDENTS whose financial aid package is complete before the billing date will have the financial aid figured into the fee statement mailed in July, reducing the amount the students owe.

In each of the past few years, Shankel said, several hundred returning students have chosen the residual enrollment process conducted the week before classes open.

"Students enrolling just before classes begin find that few classes are available, and the classes that are open are at the least desirable times," he said.

Residual enrollment will no longer be available, and returning students wishing to enroll during the week before classes begin will be considered late enrollees. They will be charged a penalty.

"As this new fee payment plan is finalized, several events associated with the opening of classes will be reviewed and may be changed," Shankel said.

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