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January 25, 1992


Kansas University Police Lt. John Mullens has been busy trying to squelch rumors on campus that suggests gangs might attack sorority members.

Mullens has been answering questions about the rumors, which have "spread like wildfire" since Tuesday evening, he said.

The rumor is that gangs would attack sorority members as part of a gang initiation requirement.

Mullens said there is no evidence that sorority women here are potential targets of any gangs.

Similar stories had circulated at Wichita State University before Christmas and at Kansas State University, Mullens said.

One individual called Mullens on Friday and asked whether FBI agents were holding informational sessions with sorority members on the KU campus. Mullens told the individual that was just another rumor. Mullens said that the FBI had not been contacted.

In the meantime, KU police will check out stories they hear. Mullens noted that some gangs have initiation rights and some may involve violence.

But, he said, "We're getting a lot of fact and fiction mixed up."

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