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January 25, 1992


To the editor:

This is a response to the Bonds' letter regarding gambling and morality. As an avid fan of both dog and horse racing, I consider their remarks insulting and intolerant. I don't consider myself immoral, at least not for this reason.

My wife and I both enjoy this kind of gambling. Both of us are solid citizens in the community and both maintain full-time jobs. Contrary to what the Bonds say, most people like us gamble as a form of entertainment, not as a permanent means to acquire wealth. I believe that most people are responsible and rational regarding their financial ability to afford gambling.

I'm sick and tired of a few who try to force their puritan morality on others. If one finds gambling offensive, then just avoid it. It's as simple as that.

As for supporting education with gambling revenue, I see nothing wrong with it. It's certainly a lot more "moral" than excessive taxation. To not take advantage of this extra source of revenue for improving schools and therefore the minds and abilities of children is ridiculous. Morality has nothing to do with this, but good sense does.

Craig Tucker,

2208 Vt.

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