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January 25, 1992


The Douglas County Commission hopes the third time is the charm Monday when it tries finish redrawing the commission district boundaries.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. in the county courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts.

The commission has discussed how to redraw its boundaries at the last two Monday meetings. Currently five plans are on the table for redistricting, which is mandated following the 1990 census.

The census showed the county having 81,798 residents. Dividing that number by three, each district would have 27,266 people.

Currently, Commissioner Louie McElhaney's 3rd District has the largest population with 32,562 residents. Commission Chairman Mark Buhler's 1st District has 25,583 people, and Mike Amyx's 2nd District has 23,653 people.

Buhler has requested that the commission finish its redistricting work at Monday's meeting. He also suggested the commission do so by moving as few precincts as possible.

HERE IS Monday's agenda:

Consider Jan. 22 minutes.

Consider commission orders.

Review and consider approval of a resolution concerning reimbursement rates for county employees who use their private vehicles for county business.

Review and consider a resolution endorsing a Kansas Senate bill that would change the general investment authority of local governments. On Jan. 6, County Treasurer Nancy Hempen asked for local legislative support for "municipal public funds investment pool" that would be handled by the state treasurer's office. She said the county would invest funds in the pool only after local financial institutions did not want to accept county deposits.

Review and consider approval of the 1992 county commissioner district boundaries.

Consider accounts payable and appointments; receive comment from the commission, the county administrator and the public.

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