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January 24, 1992


The Exit Outcome Task Force on Jan. 14 proposed a list of student outcomes that calls on students to:

Demonstrate mastery of essential skills and knowledge including: reading, writing, listening, speaking, math, social studies, science and computer use.

Demonstrate the ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills through: reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, retrieving and organizing information, understanding systems and relationships and applying technological skills.

Demonstrate a high level of personal skills and characteristics including: self-esteem, self-management, honesty and integrity, healthy emotional and physical habits, a strong work ethic, an ability to work cooperatively with others, flexibility, creativity and an appreciation of the fine arts.

Demonstrate characteristics of responsible leadership through: ethical behavior, community involvement and participation, understanding the parents' role in preparing children for school, appreciation of a multicultural society, understanding of a citizen's rights and responsibilities and accepting responsibility for protecting the environment.

Demonstrate the desire for and the need to continue learning through: completion of all requirements for graduation, adaptation of acquired knowledge, skills and behaviors in a changing environment and work place and participation in postsecondary learning opportunities.

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