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January 24, 1992


The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce supports leaving Douglas County in the 2nd Congressional District and qualified admissions standards for the state's universities.

Those two positions were among several on legislative and state issues approved this week by the chamber's board of directors in response to the results of a recent membership survey. Chamber officials have said that 503, or about 30 percent, of the organization's members, responded to the survey.

The chamber officially opposes a congressional reapportionment proposal that would move Douglas County into the 3rd District, where it would be represented along with Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

The chamber also supports establishing qualified admission standards for Kansas high school graduates to apply to state universities.

OTHER chamber positions include:

Support for reducing the tax rate on commercial property.

Opposition to extending the state sales tax to personal and professional services and to repealing sales tax exemptions on wholesale purchases and component parts for goods produced and property consumed in the production process.

Support for a school finance formula that reduces revenue from local property taxes, retains local control and allows local school districts to supplement the state finance formula.

Support for statewide education reform to improve the skill, knowledge and employability of the state's high school graduates.

Support for minimizing potential tax increases through budget controls, prioritizing of government services and accountability for state spending.

SUPPORT for the budget requests of Kansas regents institutions and state funding to replace Hoch auditorium.

Opposition to diverting highway funds to the general fund.

Support for reducing local property taxes and compensating lost revenue by raising sales taxes and upper-bracket income taxes.

Support for the continued use of lottery and pari-mutuel revenues for economic development.

Support for the creation of a statewide recycling plan.

Support for close regulation of out-of-state wastes brought into Kansas for treatment or disposal.

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