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January 23, 1992


Patrick Richey wasn't apprehensive at all heading to Lawrence Memorial Hospital on Wednesday morning.

"I picked him up to take him there. He was gung-ho. He said `Let's go and get this over with so I can play basketball again,''' Kansas trainer Mark Cairns said Wednesday afternoon.

Richey had surgery to repair a stress fracture near his right ankle. He's expected to miss four to six weeks, yet Cairns said it's possible the sophomore guard could be back practicing in two to three weeks.

"Dr. (Ken) Wertzberger thought things went well. He was satisfied with the procedure," Cairns said.

During the operation, three screws reinforced with stainless steel were inserted in the ankle.

"They are big screws," said KU coach Roy Williams, who also spent most of the day at the hospital and visited Richey before and after the 2 hour procedure.

THE SCREWS will remain in his ankle for some time, perhaps years, Cairns said. He added that Richey would not need to wear a cast.

"The type of trainer I am, I'll try to listen to what Patrick says," Cairns said. "If he has no problem doing some things, we'll progress to the next step. That's why it's hard to say when exactly he'll be back."

Williams said freshman guard Greg Gurley might see more playing time with Richey out. Gurley has averaged 7.1 minutes in 12 games.

KU's opponents have been shooting way more free throws than the Jayhawks during the past three games.

Louisville shot 43, KU 24; Missouri 49, KU 33; and Colorado 35, KU 20. KU won two of those three games.

"I've never been one to look at numbers (of fouls) and say we're getting the raw end of the deal," Williams said. "We are a perimeter pressure defensive team, but not all the fouls are on the perimeter. I'm disappointed about it and concerned about it. I think it should be a little closer, but if I say much more I'll be sitting there watching the game with you."

Coaches who criticize officials face one-game suspensions.

"My two biggest worries, I hope officials won't go into the game thinking `Well, Kansas commits a lot of fouls we've gotta be ready,'" he said. "When that happens, you get chincy ones. That's not right.

"The second biggest thing is I'm frustrated. The thing I'm struggling with now how to act with the officials. I seem to always want to be myself and act like I've got a little sense. I don't curse them, I don't go crazy and gyrate on every call. But maybe I need to do more of those things."

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