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January 23, 1992


An outspoken women's rights advocate who last semester fought to remove Darren Fulcher as Kansas University student body president was elected vice president by the KU Student Senate on Wednesday night.

Kristin Lange, 22, Lawrence, narrowly was elected vice president on a 28-26 vote. She defeated Jason McIntosh, a third-year senator who ran unsuccessfully for KU student body president last spring.

Lange, a senior and first-year senator who decided "at the last minute" to run for vice president, said after the vote that she was shocked.

"I really didn't expect this," she said.

The senate, meeting for the first time this semester, had to choose a new vice president because the position had been vacated by Alan Lowden late last semester. Lowden became student body president after Fulcher was removed from office.

Fulcher was voted out of office by the senate in September after he admitted striking a former girlfriend in February. He remained student body president until December, when a university appeals panel upheld the senate's action.

LANGE, A member of Women's Student Union who has participated in several women's rights marches and protests on campus, was a leading advocate to remove Fulcher from office.

However, after being elected, Lange played down her role in the Fulcher controversy.

"I don't think I initiated that, I think Darren initiated that," she said.

John Robertson, a graduate student who nominated Lange, said during a speech, "If it wasn't for Kristin Lange, we probably wouldn't be having elections now."

In addition to Lange, members of the senate nominated four other candidates for the vice president's office: Kurt Broeckelmann, James Baucom, William Edwards and McIntosh.

FOLLOWING senate discussion, a vote was taken and the field was narrowed to the three candidates with the most votes: Broeckelmann, McIntosh and Lange.

In the runoff, none of those three candidates received the required 51 percent of the vote.

A second runoff was held for the two candidates who recieved the most votes in the first runoff, Lange and McIntosh.

Including speeches and discussion, the election process took about 2 hours.

Lange, who works two jobs and is enrolled in 19 class hours, was scheduled to graduate this May.

She said she would postpone graduation to make time for the vice president's job.

She will serve until April, when student elections will be held.

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