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January 22, 1992


Of the nine school districts surrounding Lawrence, only Eudora would lose money under Gov. Joan Finney's school finance proposal, according to a computer printout distributed to legislators Tuesday by Dale Dennis, assistant state education commissioner.

The Eudora school district would experience a decrease of 1.18 mills in its general fund levy, but it would receive $302,330 less in state aid, the printout says.

A mill is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in assessed property valuation.

Although the numbers seem foreboding, Eudora Supt. Dan Bloom said the district probably wouldn't suffer. Rather than spending the total number of dollars budgeted each year, the district has saved money annually to keep a lid on the district's mill levy.

If the Legislature mandates a statewide 45-mill levy for public school funding, as proposed by Finney, then the Eudora school district would be free to spend the money it usually holds back for property tax relief, Bloom said.

THE EUDORA district saves at least $300,000 each year to carry over to the following year's budget, he said, so a $300,000 cut in state aid wouldn't have much effect.

"We're a school district that's been doing in essence what everybody's talking about now," he said. "I'll have at least as much money as I've had in the past because I won't have to underspend for our own property tax relief."

However, Bloom warned against early elation over the plan, which would result in decreased property taxes in 253 of the state's 304 districts. "I certainly hope people would look at a long-range projection rather than just the first year of this financing plan," he said.

Finney's budget report projected the statewide general fund mill levy at about 70 mills for the 1993-94 fiscal year and at about 60 mills the following year to compensate for funds that would be diminished in the 1992-93 school year, Bloom said.

FOLLOWING is the estimated impact of the plan on other Lawrence area school district general fund levies and state aid, according to the state education department:

Baldwin, 23.55 mill decrease, additional $470,466 in state aid.

Tonganoxie, 22.64 mill decrease, additional $214,552 in state aid.

Wellsville, 22.45 mill decrease, additional $58,844 in state aid.

Basehor-Linwood, 21.93 mill decrease, additional $785,038 in state aid.

Oskaloosa, 16.65 mill decrease, additional $551,919 in state aid.

DeSoto, 16.29 mill decrease, additional $288,931 in state aid.

Perry-Lecompton, 14.68 mill decrease, additional $428,936 in state aid.

McLouth, 11.54 mill decrease, additional $339,499 in state aid.

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