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January 22, 1992


While it doesn't take long for some people to figure out how they would spend $6 million if they won tonight's Lotto America drawing, some say they couldn't imagine the winnings because they never would buy a lottery ticket in the first place.

But Lawrence resident Ed Gibler says he wouldn't have a problem finding a use for the money.

The Lawrence resident, interviewed as he was buying tickets late this morning, said: "I'd have fun until it was all gone."

Gibler said he plays the lottery twice a week and has used the same numbers the past two years, If Lawrence resident Carol Beeson happens to win, she would use part of the money to buy some land and a house. She also said she would put some of the money into her family's business, Silver Hawk Leather.

But first, Beeson said, she would "commit a part back to God."

"I don't think I would quit working," she added. "But I would like to be free to spend more time with my family."

BEESON SAID she also would set up trust funds for her three children.

While visiting downtown Lawrence Tuesday, Jim Woolsoncroft, a farmer from Vermillion, was asked what he would do if he won tonight's $6 million jackpot. His answer was direct: "The first thing is I wouldn't play the lottery."

Woolsoncroft, a Gideon, said he doesn't believe in gambling. The Gideons are an interdenominational association of laymen known for the Bibles they place in hotel rooms.

"I think we can make our money other ways," Woolsoncroft said.

Others interviewed in the city Tuesday, however, could see themselves as winners.

Jean Allenbrand, a Linwood resident, said she would "pay off my debts" if she had a winning ticket.

"Then the next thing would be to start a business," she said.

ALLENBRAND SAID if she won the lottery she would operate either a vending machine business or an import-export business specializing in such wares as dolls and music boxes.

Diane Moore, a McLouth resident, initially said she didn't know how she would spend $6 million. But then admitted, "I could spend the money real easy."

"I love our house so we'd probably just do a few additions to it," she said. "Maybe some sort of house for my mom and one for my husband's mom."

Lawrence resident Kabe Campbell said he would save all the dolphins if he became an overnight millionaire. Campbell also said he would move overseas.

Christie Mondell of Lawrence said she would first "buy myself adequate health insurance."

"Then probably what I would do is open a blues club in North Lawrence," she said. "Beer, blues and barbecue. And I'd pay off my student loans."

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