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January 22, 1992


To the editor:

With the backing of Gov. Joan Finney, the once God-fearing state of Kansas is sinking deeper into promoting immoral gambling for the purpose of enhancing revenue. Have the Las Vegas mores come to Kansas? We applaud Sen. Wint Winter for opposing casino-style gambling. The gambling array may well include the present state lottery, casino gambling, riverboat gambling, pari-mutuel wagering and video lottery games.

Should our children be told that their education is partially funded by gambling? What kind of a moral lesson does that teach them? On the pretense of helping Indians economically, should the state encourage Indians to support themselves by casino gambling? Gambling teaches people that it is all right to acquire wealth without working. The desperate poor may spend their last dollars gambling in the hope of escaping poverty.

Relying upon gambling for state revenue to replace traditional taxes is saying that if the end is good, any evil means of achieving it is acceptable. Good ends are destroyed if achieved by evil means. Concerned citizens should tell their elected officials how they feel about state-sponsored gambling.

John and Alice Bond,

962 Jana Dr.

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