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January 22, 1992


Lawrence city commissioners Tuesday approved an estimated $36,400 in projects to encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel.

The projects include constructing a bike path and several stretches of sidewalk in Lawrence neighborhoods, plus installing flashing beacons at schools.

The city will pay for the projects with money left over in the 1991 and 1992 nonmotorized transportation budget fund, said Mike Wildgen, city manager.

The fund is designed to finance projects that encourage people to make walking or bicycling their primary means of transportation.

Before the budget process every year, the city mails applications for the funds to schools, neighborhood groups and bicycling organizations. Submitted applications are reviewed by the Traffic Safety Commission.

Terese Gorman, city engineer, recommended seven projects to the commissioners from a master list of applications dating to 1988.

Many of the projects on the master list have been completed, Wildgen said at the meeting.

"A NUMBER of those that haven't been done are those that would take every bit of the money, plus more," said Wildgen, noting that a few of the proposed projects on the list would cost as much as $40,000.

The projects Gorman suggested were high priority items that wouldn't drain the budget, Wildgen said.

Commissioners approved the following projects:

Pay 50 percent of the cost of two school beacons recently approved by the commission for Louisiana Street and 27th Street. The Broken Arrow PTA will pay the remaining 50 percent. Estimated cost is $1,600.

Reconstruct the sidewalk on the southwest corner of Sixth and Mississippi to increase the buffer between traffic and pedestrians. Estimated cost is $5,000.

CONSTRUCT a bike path east of the northeast corner of 23rd Street and Learnard Avenue and through the underpass just east of the intersection to provide access to the newly constructed bike path on the east side of Haskell Indian Junior College. Cost is estimated at $10,000.

Install bike route signs on Monterey Way from the north city limits to 12th Street, and on 12th Street from Monterey Way to Stone Meadows Drive. Cost is estimated at $500.

Construct about 300 feet of sidewalk on the south side of Harvard Road from east of Randall Road to west of Randall Road. Cost is estimated at $4,500.

Construct a sidewalk on the south side of Peterson Road from Edinburgh Road to North Crestline. Cost is estimated at $4,800.

Construct a sidewalk on the south side of 23rd Street from Learnard to Barker and on the north side of 23rd from Learnard west to the middle of the block. Cost is estimated at $10,000.

THE CITY will pay for the projects with $11,039 left from the 1991 budget and $20,000 from the 1992 budget.

Wildgen said he thought the $31,039 budget should handle the estimated $36,400 in projects. "Terese is using conservative estimates, meaning that they're high."

If the first six projects deplete the budget, the seventh item would be put on hold, he said.

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