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January 21, 1992


To the editor:

Usually I have opinions but don't vocalize them. But in this instance, I cannot stand idly by and listen to this hogwash. I'm referring to Kurt Caywood's column in Tuesday night's Journal-World.

Has Kurt forgotten what colleges are really for? They were designed to be institutions of higher learning not a semi-pro athletic arena! I was an athlete in school and continue to enjoy watching sports. I'd like to know why some people think a test or a standard of 2.5 is less fair for minorities than for whites? I fail to comprehend how admission tests are racially biased.

I see plenty of our high shcool students with better grades than the athletic type who can't get scholarship help mostly because they have been reserved for the minority or the athlete with a lower GPA. Getting mentally beat in the business world by the Japanese and other ethnic groups over the last several decades should help us realize that our emphasis is in the wrong place. Especailly when we have children who graduate from high school unable to read and write or even acquire simple math.

It's time our standard went up to a more realistic standard if we want America to be superior in the real world. I don't agree with Kurt that students will try to do well no matter where the NCAA standards are set. I see too many that believe they don't have to work at learning because they are athletes. The standards need to be set in our homes and junior highs. Then they won't have so far to "pull them up." I also see a large segment of college kids driving newer and more expensive cars who are there based on "scholarship need." That's as fraudulent as our welfare system. College presidents aren't elitist they're realists!

Gary J. McClellan,

1301 W. 24th.

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