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January 21, 1992


Roy Williams considered a one-week boycott of the Big Eight telephonic media briefings on Monday.

Kansas' coach thought better of it, however, and instead issued a statement at the beginning of his five-minute session with Big Eight reporters about a new rule that prevents him from calling John Erickson, the league supervisor of officials.

"I think the NCAA convention showed that basketball coaches have no voice and no say in things that are passed at the convention," Williams said. "Now we change our rules in the Big Eight that coaches can't call our supervisor of officials. That has to be done through our athletic director and filling out a form. So I'm surprised the media would want to talk to basketball coaches since we're not intelligent enough to do anything else."

IF WILLIAMS wants to contact Erickson, he has to go through athletic director Bob Frederick who must fax Williams' remarks to the Big Eight office. Erickson then would respond within 24 hours.

It is believed the rule went into effect to prevent league coaches from calling Erickson immediately after games. However, Erickson said it was meant to involve the athletic directors and place "a window of time for rationale."

"Last year I called twice," Williams said. "I presented my case and that's it. I had no problems. That, on top of how the NCAA convention showed coaches have no voice. . ."

He didn't complete the thought.

Williams is also upset the NCAA let football retain an assistant coach while a proposal affecting a third basketball assistant wasn't considered seriously at the convention.

Starting next season, Williams may employ just two full-time assistants. The third assistant will be classified as a restricted-earnings coach.

"I WANTED (the third assistant) to be able to make more money coming from summer camps, " Williams said. "I didn't see it being a problem if the money didn't come from the university.

"(Starting next year) the third assistant may make $12,000 a year and no more than $4,000 in the summer. What we're saying as coaches is, `Let the coach make as much as he can out of the camp in the summer.' That way you can keep a good person. You might be able to pay him $10,000 for the camp. Now the third person can make only $16,000 a year.

"We asked for nothing from the schools, just from the camp (revenues). We have absolutely no voice. It didn't even get enough support for a roll-call vote, just a show of hands and on to the next item."

WILLIAMS REALLY is steamed about the issue.

"I think we feel our hands are tied. We can't be at the convention," he said, noting that it falls during basketball season. "We don't have one spokesman to stand up and lobby for our cause like say a Chuck Neinas for the CFA. The football coaches can be there, whether it's a Joe Paterno or Tom Osborne. We feel we have good ideas, we feel we're accountable for kids, yet anything we try to promote or say, it's ignored."

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