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January 20, 1992


Kansas sophomore Patrick Richey has a stress fracture of the right ankle and will have surgery on Wednesday, coach Roy Williams announced Monday.

Dr. Ken Wertzberger will perform the surgery at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Richey is expected to miss four to six weeks.

"Surgery will allow him to get on his feet quicker," KU trainer Mark Cairns said. "It's in an area notoriously slow for healing. It's very slow healing in the ankle, not on the joint, but on the front and inside part of the tibia."

Richey will not have to wear a cast.

"We may put it in an air strip to give it a little support the first week or so," Cairns said. "He'll use a crutch to walk the first few days or so. He'll get back on his feet as soon as possible."

Richey hurt his ankle in practice in late December.

"He did it on the 22nd or 23rd and didn't think about it twice. He continued to play," Cairns said. "It's been sore on and off. The past week it was tender from Wednesday through Friday. On Friday night, he couldn't walk without a limp. He tried to gut it out, but couldn't."

Richey was averaging 4.5 points and 2.2 rebounds while playing about 14 minutes a game.

"One thing about Patrick is he is a tough person," Cairns added. "He tolerates pain well. I know when he comes in the training room and says something is painful, I listen closely because it obviously hurts. When Patrick says it hurts, it hurts." Gary Bedore

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