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January 20, 1992


To the editor:

As a recent graduate from the Kansas University school of journalism, I take great pride in calling myself a Jayhawk and I am proud to be associated with the university. However, after speaking with an associate who graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, I am numbed with embarrassment.

Like other alumni who outwardly show allegiance to their alma mater, my associate has personalized license plates which boast "4 MU." Earlier this week, presumably following Monday's basketball game, someone spray-painted "KU" on top of the original inscription and left a note on his windshield which read "This is Jayhawk Country Get Out!"

He also explained that he has grown weary of getting "flipped off" once a week and tolerating other forms of harassment while driving. Since the car he drives is less than five months old, my associate has decided to turn in his plates rather than risk further damage.

I also consider myself a devoted follower of the sports programs at the university and I appreciate the healthy rivalry between Kansas and Missouri. But deliberate vandalism and harassment is nothing short of inexcusable. Spray painting someone's car is not a show of fan support; it is a show of immaturity and irresponsibility.

I certainly hope this act of vandalism proves to be a one-time occurrence and that other KU sports fans are a little more responsible. I don't ever want to have to bury my pride like I did this week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Frank P. Bustamante,

Kansas City, Kan.

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