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January 19, 1992


The Douglas County Commission on Monday will take its second stab at carving up the county's three commission districts as part of reapportionment following the 1990 census.

Last Monday, the commissioners presented four plans for consideration for redistricting. No agreement was reached.

The commission is trying to balance the population of the three districts to about 27,000 people per district. The 1990 census revealed that Commissioner Louie McElhaney had 32,562 residents in his 3rd District. Commission Chairman Mark Buhler has 25,583 people living in his 1st District, while 23,653 people reside in Commissioner Mike Amyx's 2nd District.

The commission hopes to reach a redistricting decision by the end of the month or early February so potential commission candidates would know what district they live in. The 2nd and 3rd district seats are up for election this year.

Here is Monday's agenda:

Consider Jan. 15 minutes.

Consent agenda:

Consider commission orders.

Consider donation of medical equipment to Dr. Gail Walters for use in Honduras.

Review and consider a request to advertise for personal computers and to solicit quotations for typewriter maintenance.

Regular agenda:

Consider renewing a temporary business use permit for Gary D. Unfred for recycling tires.

Continue to review and discuss options for reapportionment of county commission districts.

Consider accounts payable and appointments; receive comment from the commission, county administrator and the public.

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