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January 18, 1992


By STEVE KRAFT Lawrence Country Club

Winter is a great time to take that New Year's resolution to get in shape and apply it to improving one's golf game.

There are three areas very important to the golf swing that don't get much attention: strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. I guarantee you if you make improvements in these areas as it relates to golf, you will improve your golf swing.

Strength You can develop strength through a series of weight training exercises, concentrating on your hands, forearms and legs. One exercise that takes little effort and can pay off big is to take a tennis ball and squeeze it with each hand 15 times doing three reps. This will work on your hand strength and you can do this while watching TV.

Flexibility Flexibility and golf go hand in hand. How do you think John Daly would get that club in the position he does without being very flexible? The result for him being so flexible is that he hits the ball extremely far. Stretching exercises that concentrate on the shoulders and the back are the best for golf.

Muscular endurance Muscular endurance will come from the above program, plus you should start a program of walking, running, biking or swimming.

Contact your local PGA professional for help in setting up a program that will have you ready when spring arrives.

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