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January 17, 1992


To the editor:

In your recent article concerning our business leaders' plans for keeping Downtown Lawrence vital and growing, once again an important hole in community services was ignored. The Chamber of Commerce is interested in bringing more people downtown. They want more businesses in the downtown area. How are people going to get there? How are the employees of these businesses going to find an affordable, accessible way to work? Where is the public transportation for Lawrence?

Our city planners have to look past the automobiles in their own driveways to see that many Lawrence residents don't have transportation to downtown or anywhere else. Many residents care deeply about the ecology and are concerned about the pollution that dependence on automobiles brings to our city. Parking lots don't create jobs and improve our economy; it is the people who come to Downtown Lawrence who do this. If there were an alternative to the parking hassle, people would use it. Those spaces that would be used as parking lots would become the space needed for the stores and businesses needed for Downtown Lawrence to grow.

The City of Lawrence is spending $10,000 of our local tax funds, matched by $40,000 or our federal tax money to have a study made of the mass transportation needs of our community. We, as citizens, need to see that this study is as comprehensive and as fact-filled as possible. Before we ask for wider roads and more ugly parking lots, let the consultants we are paying for help us improve our community.

Barbara Bishop,

B-4 Cornish Square.

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