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January 17, 1992


If you judged by Dorothy Smith's mailbox, you'd think the Persian Gulf War might still be going on.

Mrs. Smith, a retired Lawrence resident, is still corresponding with several gulf war veterans as she has for more than a year now.

"As long as they need me, I'll keep writing," she said this week.

Her letter-writing campaign started soon after U.S. troops were deployed to the Middle East after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

Mrs. Smith said she has written nearly 500 letters to U.S. servicemen and women since the United States began the military buildup to oppose Iraq.

Although most American troops have long departed the Mideast, she continues writing to several veterans, who are now stationed in Georgia, Germany, Hawaii and Texas.

"They just seemed to need it," she said. "They said my letters really helped them out while they were in Saudi Arabia and they wanted me to keep on writing when they left.

"They just seem to take a liking to me."

Mrs. Smith said her pen pals have mailed her various souvenirs, including samples of currencies from the Mideast and a prayer rug.

Although she said no one has contacted her on the anniversary of the start of the war, she said, "I still fly my flag and yellow ribbons."

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