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January 17, 1992


Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday will discuss some city building inspection staff suggestions designed to ensure that new structures are not built in space reserved for the city or utility companies.

The suggestions come after an increasing number of requests from builders for exemptions from zoning rules or law changes to cover up for their mistakes.

"The errors are unintentional most of the time," said Gene Shaughnessy, chief building inspector.

Problems occur when pins and stakes used in new construction work are accidently uprooted and replaced in the wrong spot, Shaughnessy said.

City building inspectors catch most of the mistakes, but some slip past them, said Mike Wildgen, city manager.

As a result, the building may end up encroaching on an easement, an area on the lot reserved for use by utilities, or the right of way, an area outside the lot reserved by the city.

The commission recently surrendered part of the city's right of way to a homeowner whose house was within the right of way.

COMMISSIONERS later asked city staff to suggest ways to avoid the problem.

"They don't like having to make these kinds of exceptions," said Wildgen. "Certainly, it would be best to build these right from the beginning."

Under the city staff proposals, a builder would have a licensed land surveyor or professional engineer certify that the lot and area set aside for the building are pinned and staked correctly, before a building permit is issued.

City building inspectors would check the boundaries as construction begins.

Before final inspection of the structure, the builder would be required to give building inspectors additional documentation from a licensed surveyor or professional engineer that the structure is within the accepted boundaries.

Builders would be required to go through the same process to construct an addition to an existing structure.

"Basically we're checking the builders, and engineers are checking us," Shaughnessy said.

The commission meeting gets under way at 6:35 p.m. Tuesday in the city commission meeting room at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

HERE'S Tuesday's agenda:

Consent agenda:

Consider minutes of previous commission meeting and various city organization meetings.

Consider payment of city expenses.

Consider setting a date of 2 p.m. Feb. 4 to receive bids for practice ammunition for the Lawrence Police Department.

Consider approving with conditions a site plan for construction projects at Oread Labs, 1501 Wakarusa Dr., including an administrative office building and library.

Consider approving with conditions a site plan for renovating a two-unit residence at 732 Conn. into a one-unit boarding house, and for renovating a garage at 732 Conn. into a one-bedroom residence.

Consider on final reading an ordinance regulating mobile home and manufactured home parks.

Consider on final reading an ordinance regulating cross-connections to the city water supply.

Consider on first reading an ordinance regulating private clubs and drinking establishments.

Consider on first reading an ordinance to install stop signs on: Allison Drive at 25th Terrace; Ponderosa Drive at 25th Terrace; Cimarron Drive at 25th Terrace; Maverick Lane at 25th Terrace; Rawhide Lane at 25th Terrace; Trail Dust Court at 27th Street; Ponderosa Drive at 27th Street; Maverick Lane at 27th Street; Bonanza Street at 27th Street; Rawhide Lane at 27th Street; Harper Street at 27th Street; Ponderosa Drive at 28th Street; Maverick Lane at 28th Street; Bonanza Street at 28th Terrace; Rawhide Lane at 28th Street.

Consider an ordinance annexing about five acres west of Monterey Way and south of Trail Road.

Consider approving purchase of additional pipe and the realignment of the storm sewer system on Harper Street between 23rd and 25th Terrace and authorizing the city manager to sign the change order. The improvements would cost $10,250.

Consider approving an agreement with Kansas Turnpike Authority for a construction and maintenance easement for a water line on KTA property along North Michigan Street.

Consider approving an agreement with Santa Fe Railway for a sanitary sewer easement across railway property from near Seventh and New York to Eighth and Delaware.

On the regular agenda, the commissioners will:

Consider a sign variance for Shepley Enterprises Inc., 627 Monterey Way.

Consider city staff recommendations on how to avoid construction of buildings within required setbacks.

Consider a report from the city engineer on the resurfacing of Iowa from 25th to 31st.

Consider a report from the city engineer on the 1992 non-motorized transportation budget fund.

Commission item:

Mayor Bob Walters will give a report on membership in the Association for K-10 Corridor Development Inc.

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