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January 15, 1992


The state Board of Regents plans to meet Thursday in Wichita with a national commission charged with making recommendations to Congress on financing postsecondary education.

Board members also are expected to end months of wrangling and complete a new mission statement for the state university system. The document will guide the creation of a mission statement for each regents' school this year.

Regents are meeting this month at Wichita State University. They meet a couple times each year on a state university campus.

The National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Post-Secondary Education has been charged by Congress with evaluating the current national policy for financing postsecondary education. Commission members will meet with regents for an hour.

COMMISSIONERS are scheduled to gather testimony today at WSU regarding the long-term restructuring of the financing systems for postsecondary education. The panel must report to Congress by February 1993.

U.S. Sen. Nancy Kassebaum, R-Kan., and Stanley Koplik, regents' executive director, are expected to be among those testifying before the commission.

"Tragically, American's best and brightest can no longer be guaranteed a college education," said Larry Jones, a member of the commission and chairman and chief executive officer of Coleman Co. in Wichita.

He said middle-income students have joined low-income students in facing difficulty financing a college education.

THE REGENTS' agenda also includes:

A review of Gov. Joan Finney's fiscal 1993 budget recommendations for the regents system that were presented to the Legislature on Tuesday.

Presentation of a regents' task force report on financial aid that recommends creation of a need-based state university scholarship.

Appointment of a committee that will make recommendations on tuition and fees for the school year beginning in fall 1993.

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