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January 14, 1992


The Lawrence Memorial Hospital board of trustees on Wednesday will discuss the need to attract a new cytologist to the Lawrence area.

Trustees will meet at 9 a.m. in the Jayhawk Room at the hospital, 325 Maine.

The current cytologist at Lawrence Clinical Lab, a professional corporation of pathologists providing cytological services, is retiring no later than July 1.

In a memo to the trustees, Robert Trepinski, associate executive director at LMH, expressed concern about possible effects if LMH cannot attract a cytologist to the area. Cytology is the study of the structure and function of cells. Pap smears fall under cytology.

"Should we not be able to attract a cytologist for the program, this testing would be lost to our reference labs, and there is potential that some additional spin-off testing would also be lost," Trepinski said in the memo.

Trepinski is asking the hospital administration to advertise for, interview and hire a cytologist "to facilitate a smooth transition of this service from Lawrence Clinical Lab to Lawrence Memorial Hospital."

He said "our ability to attract a cytologist in the needed time frame is critical if (LMH) is to conclude an agreement with Lawrence Clinical Lab to take over the program."

Trepinski said cytology is viewed as a "basic necessity" of women's services.

Trustees also will be asked to join the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center in considering how to improve the accessibility and safety of the 1956 wing of the hospital through expanded parking and lighting.

Bert Nash's governing board is requesting that the trustees join the occupants of the 1956 wing in establishing long-range solutions to safety problems.

In other business, the board will:

Consider the medical executive committee's recommendation that Dr. Garry Owen serve as chief of obstetrics and gynecology.

Review financing for an upgrade of the computerized axial tomography, or CAT.

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