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January 14, 1992


To the editor:

"How do you rate the president on his handling of the economy?" That's a standard quetion in the "polls." According to most media reports, he is not doing well.

I'd like to propose that the question is inane, irrelevant and unnecessary. From my understanding of our Constitution, it is the Congress and Congress alone that is responsible (see Article I, Sections 7-1, 8 and 9-7). It is the Congress that handles the purse strings. It is Congress that keeps overspending with little or no restraint.

Any presidnet is limited to veto powers. Thus, he is limited by Congress and not his office.

The present Congress, noted for its "spend and raise taxes" mind-set is where the polls should be concentrating. Congress has gotten into the habit of spending someone else's money. They are addicted and can't stop unless in November, we the people do that by voting them out of office and replacing them with new blood.

To my way of thinking, that is the best way to solve our economic problems. Of course, another step would be to give the president line item veto power. (Why does Congress sidestep this possibility, anyway?)

George A. Isley Jr.,

436 Fla.

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