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January 14, 1992


To the editor:

Over a period of a year, someone has succeeded in stealing all our lawn and porch ornaments. All they left is one plastic daisy that turns with the wind.

It began last Christmas season with theft and destruction of Christmas decorations and theft of several cement lawn ornaments, and, being very bold, a metal knight in armor from the porch. This year, we did not put up any Christmas decorations, but they stole several remaining ornaments I had foolishly left out because we enjoyed seeing them like old friends.

The monetary value is not great, but the sentimental value is irreplaceable. They were gifts from parents, now deceased, our children and friends. Perhaps I'm too naive, but wouldn't it be wonderful if all our treasured "friends" reappeared in the yard. We would be very grateful.

Greta Georgeson,

2145 Vt.

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