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January 13, 1992


Kansas University basketball fans didn't enjoy seeing the Jayhawks lose their game Saturday night against the Louisville Cardinals, but visiting coach Denny Crumb could not have paid those in Allen Fieldhouse any finer compliment.

The highly successful and nationally recognized coach said, "The fans at this place have a lot of class. They get loud, but they get loud for their guys. They didn't get on our guys at all. Roy (Williams), his players and everything about this place has class."

It is hoped this same enthusiastic, intense, but good-sportsmanlike behavior and environment will continue at all future games in Allen Fieldhouse and at every other KU playing venue. KU is indeed a "class" place, and it is important that students, athletic team members, those who represent the university in many other organizations, alumni, friends and fans always conduct themselves in a manner that merits respect and admiration.

Unfortunately, there are athletic arenas in the Big Eight Conference where school officials make little, if any, effort to discourage unruly, rude behavior. KU players and coaches are likely to be subject to such treatment tonight in Columbia.

Again, Coach Crumb's comments are high praise for KU, its players and its fans. Let's hope KU's "class" becomes a goal of an increasing number of other schools, their fans and players.

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