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January 12, 1992


To the editor:

An interesting article appeared in the Journal-World a few days ago that was incomplete in its content. The facts are as follows:

There are currently 13 physicians who are members of this community delivering babies at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. We have three board-certified OB-GYNs and one board-certified family practitioner doing C-sections. We have two more OB's who have chosen to live in Lawrence, who will be joining this medical community soon.

We have nine additional physicians who deliver babies at Lawrence Memorial, whose own children have been delivered at Lawrence Memorial and who live with their families in Lawrence.

The article cited a drop in deliveries at Lawrence Memorial. Another article cited the drop of births nationwide due to the end of the baby boom (the youngest official boomers are now 28), and the tough economy. Certainly the slight drop in our community hospital birth rate reflects that national trend. We have an excellent medical community of people who with their families, contribute on many levels to the quality of life in Lawrence.

As I've traveled across the state in meetings with other medical auxiliary members, sharing concerns for the future of medicine in Kansas, I've found Lawrence is the envy of most communities. Our reality is a much brighter picture than the story may suggest.

Kathy Bruner,

1321 Raintree Pl.,

President, Douglas

County Medical Auxiliary

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