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January 12, 1992


The Douglas County Commission Monday will begin work to redraw its three district boundaries as mandated after the 1990 census.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. in the county courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts streets.

Commissioners will try to balance the number of people represented in each of the three districts. The 1990 census listed Douglas County's population as 81,798 residents, leaving the ideal district with 27,266 residents.

Two districts contain less than that ideal number. The 1st District has 25,583 residents, and the 2nd District contains 23,653. The 3rd District, which is mostly rural, is "overpopulated" with 32,562 residents.

Commissioner Mark Buhler, a Republican, represents the 1st District. The 2nd District's representative is Democrat Mike Amyx. Louie McElhaney, a Republican, is the 3rd District's representative.

TWO commission seats are up for election this year the 2nd District and 3rd District.

Bob Fairchild, county counsel, told County Administrator Chris McKenzie on Thursday that "there are no specific variation percentages" that must be followed in the districts' reapportionment. Fairchild did set the basic criteria that reapportionment efforts should follow: Districts should be as compact and equal in population as possible; they must follow voting precinct boundaries; natural barriers, topography and transportation factors may be considered; and current commissioners must reside in the same district after reapportionment or vacate their seats.

HERE IS Monday's agenda:

Consider Jan. 8 minutes.

Consent agenda:

Consider commission orders.

Consider advertising for bids for 1992 aggregate needs.

Regular agenda:

Select the 1992 chairman and vice-chairman for the commission.

Receive quarterly Community Corrections update from director Mark Matese.

Consider a recommendation from the Data Processing Advisory Group to lease the CinCom Relational Database and VSAM Query software from CinCom Systems for a three-year term renewable for another three years. The new database and software will reduce duplicate data on the county's mainframe computer. The lease will cost $774 a month and includes updates at no extra cost.

Consider a request by the city of Lawrence to review annexing certain property owned by Marsha and Ray Goff to the city of Lawrence. The Goffs want their property just southwest of the 31st and Iowa intersection annexed to the city for water service, because their well ran dry.

Review and discuss options for reapportionment of commission districts.

Consider accounts payable and appointments; receive comment from the commission, county administrator and the public.

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