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January 11, 1992


An ordinance headed for approval by the Lawrence City Commission will offer local mobile home residents important protection from inattentive or unscrupulous landlords.

During a dispute over water service about a year ago, residents of one local mobile home park, as well as city officials, learned how little power the city had to make sure park residents could obtain adequate utility service. The park owners were slow to respond to the water woes, and the city had almost no authority to prod them along.

The new ordinance should help alleviate that problem. The law will require mobile home park operators to be licensed by the city and would give the city's building inspector authority to inspect a park's utilities annually. It also sets specific standards for water pressure and supply for mobile homes and states that all utility equipment will be maintained in accordance with state and local regulations.

Perhaps best of all is that the ordinance seems to meet with the approval both of mobile home park residents and operators. One particularly vocal advocate of the ordinance said the measure exceeded her expectations. The owner of two local mobile home parks referred to the ordinance as something "both parties can live with."

That, after all, is the point to make mobile home parks a safe and comfortable place for local residents to live. In this case, it looks like the city staff and city commission have furthered that goal.

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