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WE DO KNOW . . .

January 10, 1992


To the editor:

I take umbrage at the phrase so often used by people new to Lawrence when interviewed by the Journal-World, who frequently say "People from here don't know . . ." The latest quote from the Sunday paper was "People from here don't know what traffic is." I resent the assumption that we are so provincial that we have never been out of Kansas, that we have never been to New York City or driven on the "other side" of the road or on the Autobahn.

Since we are in the middle of the United States, we are far more travel wise than people on either coast. The percentage of our population who have studied abroad is quite high, and travel everywhere is not at all uncommon among our citizens.

So, dear editor, "we do know."

Mrs. W.P. Grantham,

1316 E. 16th.

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