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January 9, 1992


George Bush is a fortunate man, and George Bush is a fortunate political officeholder in that he has a partner and spouse like Barbara Bush.

Television reports showing the president's collapse at the state dinner in Tokyo also showed Mrs. Bush standing back, not interfering, watching her husband attentively and calmly as he received treatment and attention. She didn't become hysterical, she offered a napkin to those helping her husband, and she remained at the state dinner after her husband excused himself to return to his guest quarters.

Then, within a few minutes, at an extremely important dinner gathering, she was able to collect her thoughts, remain calm and, even though her husband had just been stricken with some unknown illness, make a few warm, sincere and delightful comments about the president's unfortunate and untimely sickness. She did it with just the right touch of charm, candor, seriousness and friendliness.

The president has every right to be extremely proud of his partner.

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