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January 8, 1992


I was fortunate enough to read a copy of your Aug. 10 article about the Lawrence team which came to lend a hand at Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Ky.

We were delighted at the spirit and tone of the article. Well written and tantalizing enough to cause others to participate in this kind of venture as is made possible through the United Methodist Church.

I need to correct three things which would be misleading in the article:

1. The cost of attending Red Bird School is $40 a month although many cannot pay that amount. For that reason, tuition scholarships are very important.

2. The school librarian has a master's degree in library science. We are as a high school, accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges, and staff qualification is very important. My assistant librarian, in charge of the elementary library, is also certified by the state of Kentucky. (The work which Carole Mitchell did for us was most valuable and welcome, again and again!)

3. The donations of Campbell Soup labels have allowed Red Bird Mission to purchase not 15, but six, passenger vans all greatly appreciated after so much clipping of labels!

I remember fondly the week that the Lawrence, Kan., folks were here! They were a credit to the churches they represented, and to the cause of Christ in the mountains. Red Bird is deeply grateful for the support from such as these.

Esther Lawson,

librarian, Red Bird

Mission, Beverly, Ky.

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