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January 8, 1992


A resolution passed by the city's traffic advisory panel is worth considering but the Lawrence City Commission has a lot on its plate right now, according to one city commissioner.

The resolution asks the city commission to encourage residents to use non-motorized modes of transportation.

In the resolution, the Traffic Safety Commission recommends that the city commission take immediate action to improve the safety and convenience of human-powered transportation, such as walking or bike-riding.

The resolution is basically a policy recommendation to the city commission, said Terese Gorman, city engineer. "It will be up to the city commissioners to do something with it."

WHILE THE resolution is worthwhile, the commission has committed itself to consider many other important issues in coming months, said City Commissioner Shirley Martin-Smith.

"I certainly think the commission should take a look at it, but we've got a pretty full agenda," she said.

She also said that the commissioners would have to weigh the resolution against the staff time needed to pursue the TSC's suggestions.

Written by Carl Thor, vice-chair of the TSC, the resolution calls attention to dwindling petroleum suplies and the environmental problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

The resolution also points to growing traffic volume and intensity in Lawrence, and two recent accidents, one fatal, involving bicyclists who were riding in a lawful manner.

AMONG OTHER suggestions, the TSC recommmends that the city commission:

Implement ``Pedalplan,'' a 15-year-old plan for a network of bikeways in Lawrence.

Reinstate the $50,000 annual expenditure for pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The expenditure gradually has been abandoned in the past three years.

Seek state and federal funding for a bikeway system.

Investigate alternative neighborhood planning models that will reduce automobile dependency by incorporating mixed land uses, higher densities and non-automobile transportation facilities.

Ensure that non-motorized and public transportation are given strong consideration in the upcoming Horizon 2020 planning guide.

IN OTHER action at its meeting Monday night, the TSC:

Unanimously approved a request from Kim Messer, Terry Pentecost and Linda Decelles to install stop signs on each street that intersects 25th Street Terrace, 27th Street and 28th Street Terrace in the neighborhood east of Haskell Avenue, except on Harper Street at 28th Terrace, on Bonanza Street at Rawhide Lane, and on 25th Street at Harper Street.

Voted 3-1 to deny a request from Jim Black to increase the speed limit on Kasold from 30 mph to 40 mph between Riverview Road and Peterson Road.

Voted unanimously to approve a request from Laura Nutt of the Broken Arrow Parent-Teacher Assn., for the installation of a school beacon for southbound traffic on Lousiana near the school.

Voted unanimously to approve a request from Laura Nutt for installation of a school beacon for eastbound traffic on 27th Street near Broken Arrow School.

Voted 3-1 to approve a request from Laura Nutt for a 20 mph school zone for westbound traffic on 27th Street just west of Louisiana.

Voted 3-1 to approve a request from Laura Nutt for a 20 mph school zone for eastbound and westbound traffic on 27th Terrace just west of Louisiana.

VOTED TO defer indefinitley a request from Laura Nutt for a three-way stop sign at 27th and Louisiana.

Voted unanimously to approve a request from Steve Brown of the Kennedy School Parent-Teacher Assn., for a crossing guard for the crosswalk behind Kennedy School on Maple Lane.

Voted to defer until next month's meeting a request from Thomas Allen for a three-way stop sign at West Campus Road and Stratford Road.

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