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January 6, 1992


Looking out at the Kansas River from the bridge or the promenade of the Lawrence Riverfront Plaza, it seems that more earth is poking out from under less water.

However, an official with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Kansas City district office said today that the river's elevation has remained about the same for the last few months.

Ray Knipp, hydrological engineering technician, said the corps' water control office has maintained a flow of about 800 cubic feet per second at the river's mouth.

Normally, he said, late summer rains would have increased the elevation of area lakes, including Clinton Lake, and some of that water would be released into rivers around this time of the year. Because the summer drought left lakes with lower than usual water levels, officials are curbing water releases to replenish the reservoirs, he said.

"We are trying to recover as much as we can on the lakes, but we are maintaining the level on the river that we need for water quality," said Knipp.

Also, while the river ordinarily would catch runoff during rainy weather, the ground is so dry that it has been absorbing recent light rains, he said.

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